Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Absolutely Super

Well, the only thing better/worse than 10 months of Australian electoral campaigning is 10 months of US campaigning. We look with interest at what today might mean for the pruning of the field.
Some commentary on the Clinton/Obama rivalry has been very perceptive. I note particularly:
  • the US, despite its liberal nature. has the lowest real participation of women in elected Government of any Western democracy. There are less women in the State and Federal legislatures than anywhere else in the world claiming to be democratic
  • it is a pity that the Obama/Clinton divide has polarised the debate so that Clinton is about women and Obama about blacks.
  • This has the unfortunate side effectthat it seems that the women's issue is about white women, and the black issue about black men
  • I think this observation is fairly true, and the net effect is to disempower black women. This bears some thinking about

We look forward with interest!!

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