Saturday, 2 February 2008


There is no doubt that an apology will be made, to whom remains to be seen, by whom and with whom (to use a liturgical formula) is also up in the air.

A lot of people still don't get this, that this is not a personal apology at all. It is a nation apologising for not holding itself properly to account, and presuming to treat people as though their lives and their opinions, their wishes and their values were of little or no worth.

So though there were people to blame, and some more than others...that is not the point; but rather that we allowed it to happen.

Given the fact that it is Government and not the Crown that is going to apologise it is probably important that both political parties are seen to be acting in concert. I am a bit disappointed that the Liberal Party has not opened themselves to this more wholeheartedly (here) If ever there was a case for bi-partisanship it is now. It is not unreasonable, I suggest, for Nelson to know the wording...the government should perhaps be deliberately inviting input ...but if they are too backward in coming forward it will be pretty poor.

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