Friday, 29 February 2008

What IS going on?

Could you go and fill up the car SWMBO said to me last evening.
"No!" I replied, "if you don't get petrol on Tuesday then it's too late, and you have to pay for it yourself!"
Petrol went up from 121 cents/litre to 142 cents from Tuesday to Wednesday last.
If the price of milk went up 15-20% on Wednesdays and then down again on Saturday, only to go back up again on Wednesday of the following week...then a better explanation than "The fluctuation of the Singapore Milk Index" would be being demanded.
As I have blogged elsewhere (see here, here and here...and then again here!!!!)
I am happy to accept the general argument,(if it is true...and I am not fully convinced) though why can't all this be averaged and flattened out so that we do not have a fluctutation of 20c a litre in the course of 24 hours ($10 a tank for me).
I also want to ask how the Singapore Index knows when public holidays are coming up in Australia!!!

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