Thursday, 27 March 2008

And why wouldn't you?

There is a certain sense of irony about politicans sitting down trying to solve the propblems caused by lack of water flowing down a river. It has a certain sense of the arrogance of King Canute about it and more than one commentator, and many an angry letter-writer, has noted that it is only more rain and melting snow that will actually solve the problem!
Not quite true!
Although we might like to believe that we are all on the same side, those who, like us, are at end of the puddle are only too well aware that our sisters and brothers upstream are quitre happy to put their interests ahead of ours.
The same Premier, Brumby, who only weeks ago was decrying Adelaide as a backwater, has reputedly held out for more funding for Victoria before signing up to any promise to not urinate in our water supply. And we all thought we were on the same side. And why wouldn't you?
What rather terrifies me about all this is the fact that it all seems terribly short sighted.
Surely maximum co-operation not blatant self-interest is the way to deal with ecological issues. We have, I think, still a long way to go before we get this.

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Anonymous said...

Urination requires water - or, on the other hand, is it an example of 'you can lead a horse to drink but you can't make it water' ?