Friday, 14 March 2008

Skip the light fandango

News that various celebrities are once again kicking up a fuss about kangaroo culling will come as no surprise (here).
I think this is a battle that can never be rational. Most of us are unaware for example that there are more kangaroos in this fair continent than there are people. In fact figures going back as far as 1998 show that then there were probably about 30 million.
Most of us don't begin to appreciate that if they were intelligent, they would be running the country and we would be bouncing around in the bush.
Very few of us city dwellers can begin to imagine the hordes of our national symbol, or the damage that they can do.
In reality the opposition of celebrities would seem to be mainly based on warm fuzzies rather than realities. Why should the culling of kangaroos be viewed any differently from the slaughter of cows or sheep?
I guess the vegetarians of this world oppose that too. The real question is (as was being raised on ABC TV in the last week) why are we not taking seriously the need to farm kangaroos for their very fine, tender, low fat meat (here)

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