Tuesday, 18 March 2008

You can't live with 'em

Yesterday I foolishly rang the bank to question the item "finance charges" (over $50) that had suddenly appeared on the statement. The first (general) number that I rang offered a whole range of options but blowed if I could work out how to get someone or something, other than a machine, to talk to me. 20 mins wasted.
I finally rang another number, which I was sure was not the enquiry number I needed but which at least would have to have a person on the other end. Sure enough I did get a person, and after explaining my issue she said....well you have come through to the wrong section I'll have to queue you for the right one....(another 10 mins).
The next person assured me that the charges were correct and offered (what I guess to be) an explanation which was idiotic which they more or less made up to fob me off, when I challenged the arithmetic they then suggested something else.
Finally another suggestion was offered which was that I was on the wrong type of card. Again I questioned this (as I had specifically remembered the decision that had been made when the card was opened a couple of months ago)
This chap then changed my type of card, and when I asked what would now happen about the 'charges' he said he couldn't do anything about it and I would have to go into the branch where I opened the card! (another 30 mins)
I duly psyched myself for a trip to the bank on a hot day...I hate it at the best of times...and arrived and explained to the "Customer Service Specialist" why I was there.
She looked horrified and aggressively said "Ooh he shouldn't have told you that. I can't reduce the fee!" I assured her that he had said the exact same thing.
Finally she went and got the original application forms after having successfully made me feel as though I was an idiot and treated me as though I was trying to rob the bank.
We spent the best part of an hour (!) batting this to and fro. At one stage she visited the manager in his office to find our what to do. I waited 15 mins while he finished a phone call.
During that time I read the blurb promoting their various kinds of cards, none of the promotional material mentioned anything about the sort of condition or issues that we were talking about.
Finally, she came out and decided to file a resolution e-form.
She kept asking me what type of account I wanted, I said to her at least twice that if this matter was not resolved I did not want any type of accound.."Yes but..".she said.
To give the consultant her due she kept on with the process as I got more and more annoyed.
At one stage the manager left his office, walked right passed us and certainly was avoiding looking me in the eye. Customer service....don't make me laugh!
She finally said, so you will be satisfied if they refund the difference. I wanted to say (but didn't) and yes I also need to be refunded the two hours that I have spent trying to sort this out.
I mean what an excuse for 'service'.
Which bank? Well you know by the logo and by the asking of the question.
Overnight I have decided to remove my custom.
The trouble is that none of them is any better than the others.

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