Thursday, 29 May 2008

Capital time

The strange tale is told of Dr Jung advising someone who was in deep poo to spend an hour a day just doing nothing. They reluctantly agreed to do this.
When Jung talked to them about it next, it appeared to have had no effect. If anything thing were rather worse.
"What have you been doing?" asks Jung, and the client says, "Well I really looked forward to this hour off each day, and I chose half a dozen of my favourite CDs and went through them methodically. And I decided not to read, but got a couple of good art books out the library and just looked carefully at some of the pictures."
Of course (we can see where this is going) Jung said
"But I told you to do NOTHING!"
Inactivity frightens the pants off us. Mostly because it is one of the most significant things we can do.

The other day a colleague told us how a 'coach' had advised him to spend some time each day as 'capital time'. By this he meant that it was important to allocate time in intellectual and spiritual capital. Thinking about issues, life, and processing the important stuff.
Not quite the absolute 'nothing' that Herr Docktor Jung was on about, but in the same ball park.
I have also been convinced in the last few weeks of the primacy of another 'nothing'...prayer...and of making sure that I do that particular form of nothing. At times it is hard. Always it is essential, improving, and 'value adding'.
I can but commend it. We neglect it at our peril

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