Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Hectic Life

There is always one week a month (at least) when life is really hectic and I am in the middle of it.
It is in the midst of these weeks that funerals often seem to occur, or maybe I just notice them more.
A funeral is an engrossing experience, even low key funerals demand of those of us who take them and of those attend a degree of participation that is significantly above our normal attention. I suppose it must be so.
What does it mean? I think it partly suggests that we pay less atention to our day to day life than we should, and we all intuitively know that we can't do that in the presence of one of us who is dead.
It may also mean that death awakens an innate fear in us, and we must not sleep lest the Grim Reaper some how catch us napping.
Any how, I am glad I don't have funerals every day

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