Thursday, 22 May 2008

History in the making

Today Kay Goldsworthy will be consecrated a bishop in Perth.(here)
Non-Anglicans will think this non-remarkable, some Anglicans will be cross, others of us will just praise the Lord. As I do!
The ordained ministry of women is not flawless, but then neither is that of men.
I am still of the belief that an ordered ministry that is not discriminated on the basis of gender is better for the Church and, so far as I can discern, more in accord with God's design.
There are those who say that the ordered ministry is not the possession of the Anglican Church but of the church universal. They have a point. They would conclude that therefore we are not at liberty to do anything with the practice of Order that is not in accord with the worldwide Church, particularly in its Roman Catholic and various Orthodox manifestations.
To my mind that just does not hold water, throughout history from the earliest days of moving beyond the original group of nominees (apostles) that Christ personally chose, the community has had to develop and grow.
If you read Acts 1 this momentous decision was made by tossing a dice.."And they cast lots for them, and the lot fell on Matthias; and he was added to the eleven apostles"
Since then, we've wised up and realised that the Holy Spirit might be available to guide us.
Bishops have not been perfect throughout history. We could mention one word...Borgia...and that argument is sealed.
The Church has had to grow, change and correct. Some times dragging and screaming!
Hopefully more postively than just growing out of evil and excess.
I give unashamed and unabashed thanks that this move looks Spirit-filled and in accord with the movement of God.


Anonymous said...

well, at least the apostles did pray before they threw the dice...expected God would use the throw of the dice to effect his will I guess

stephen clark said...

I thought the infallible Einstein assured us God does not play dice!!

Anonymous said...

Einstein might be right, but obviously the Apostles didn't think that, and they certainly were unable to agree with him!!!!