Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Growing up

One daughter rang from the US to say "I think I am in New York. We were driving to the Mall" (one of her all time dreams) "and I said to the people 'Is this New York?'"
Not New York City but (maybe) Middletown New York State, not far from Milford Pennsylvania, which is not far from the back of beyond Camp Netimus, where she is working.
Her German sister meanwhile when she heard that K had driven on the Highway with a capital H screamed (by SMS) "And she has driven!"
Yes, driving on the highway ...I mean Highway...is an achievment
She said she had been to Dachau and it was fairly confronting to stand in the gas chamber.
I could only reply (via SMS) that was indeed so! And it was good to stand in a gas chamber!

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