Monday, 2 June 2008

Put your left leg in!

In a curious acricle in the UK Daily Telegraph (here) a leaked report tells us that English Bishops think many, maybe most. clergy are not up to the job.
Well, I could have told them that! Most Bishops, in particular, aren't either!
One Bishop repotedly says of clergy “Truthfully, it is deeply depressing. Egotism rules. Contemporary worship is feeble, 'sweet’, and leads no one to the Majesty of God.”
Now I don't deny an elephant of truth, but that Bishop also needs a mirror.
Clergy are to be encouraged by the release of a book (God help us!) about preaching "with humnanity". Seems like a good idea, some of the advice:
In giving advice on learning to use the diaphragm consciously, it advises: "Go down on your hands and knees and pant, rapidly with short breaths."
It's partly right, you do need to get down on your knees to preach well, but panting is not the main thing you need to be focussing on!
Clergy are indeed not up to the 'job', the sooner Bishops (and others) stop thinking about it as 'a job' the better in my opinion....grrr!

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