Friday, 6 June 2008

The state of the world

I sometimes wonder about whether our perspective on world affairs is at all incisive. I mean how have we got ourselves into the sort of messes that we are presently faced with? Global warming, food shortages, an unending Middle East peace conflict, AIDS, the total exploitation of the poor to pander to the vagaries of the rich (that is another way of saying 'paying Philipinos 20c cents an hour to make sneakers that cost $200 to buy'). How can the Murray River die?
or am I just having a bad day?


SouthOzBloke said...

I'm sorry Stephen but you're just having a bad day.
The only bad thing about having a healthy amount of social awareness and compassion is that sometimes the wrongs of the world add up and become a tad depressing.
Sometimes you're the pigeon and other days you're the statue. Unfortunately mate it appears that today you were the statue.

stephen clark said...

I am not depressed about it (I think) but I find the food stuff amazing.
I mean why do people have to starve in 2008!!