Monday, 28 July 2008

Lambeth blow out---in more ways than one

Ruth Gledhill notes in the times

Visit_2 After marching against poverty, about 650 Anglican bishops and their wives enjoyed tea at Buckingham Palace. Read our news report and watch video of the march here. Afterwards, they had lunch in a large marquee at Lambeth Palace. There menu was cold lemon and thyme scented breast of chicken with fresh asparagus and porcini mushroom relish,
summer bean and coriander, tomato, basil and mozzarella served with hot minted new potatoes. Pudding was dark chocolate and raspberry tart with raspberry ripple ice cream, topped off with coffee and white chocolate raspberries. To wash it down they drank Pino Grigio or Chiraz or cranberry and elderflower fruit punch. The cream marquee was decorated with a dozen chandeliers down the middle. Bishops were apparently amazed and thyy know their hospitality. There were orange roses and fans at the side but it was still steaming. Bishops fanned themelves with menus. There were long queues for the plush portable loos with solid wooden flooring, designer handwash and handcream.


trevor said...

And a couple of weeks ago I had to fill up one of the Prado's from my business. 150 litres, $280 dollars.


trevor said...

Ooops. Sorry. Wrong post :|

BTW, Ruth Gledhill often posts on the Ship of Fools discussion boards.