Saturday, 9 August 2008

Unexpected side effects

No one could doubt the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was stunning.
What did it say?
It certainly said Chine has a lot of people who we can make do the same thing at the same time. Was this deliberate or is it an essentially Chinese thing any way? Maybe both.
Any way it was good.
Wasn't it also crazy that it was impossible to predict which nation was coming next, another way of saying that 'order' as defined in the West is not the only?....perhaps
This morning I can send email, but I can't connect to the net...and I am uploading this by email (send me an email if you see this on your browser) is the Olympics affecting the internet...I am just going to check on another browser.


Anonymous said...

You must be feeling totally lost without that attachment to the internet.

stephen clark said...

hmmmm! It is the 21st century.