Monday, 8 September 2008

Fit as a fiddle

There are certain aspects of the Paralympics that are highly commendable. It is difficult to escape the fact that they happen in the shadow of the great event, and that (in itself) is an idea which requires come thought and unpacking.
But I think I was involved in a conversation yesterday which suggested that what we see at the Paralympics is also the 'lovely' side of disability. I suspect there is an 'elephant' of truth in this. An elephant? Because it is both an 'element' but also it sits in the room uncommented upon.
While there is no doubt that the Olympics is a festival of the lovely, the Paralympics is naturally also the fittest of the disabled. The ones I have seen being interviewed are also (as you'd expect) articulate and pretty good looking.
Even the footloose Adam Hills as principal commentator could pass as abled and handsome! It's tricky isn't it?
There are not the slobbering incontinents, or the people who are totally uncoordinated, or those who are disabled by depression or bipolar disorder.

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