Thursday, 25 December 2008

All will be well!

I am teetering a bit on this Christmas Day. It was always going to be tricky. I am wondering now (2 p.m.) whether I can face a family sense of duty tells me I should go. My desire to remain sane tells me to be kind to myself.
I only wish I knew what that meant.
Church, in its three different manifestations, seemed to go well and be appreciated. People are nice and kind, and too many of us are at risk of being hurt by intense emotions.
In the end I did go and all was fine. Now it's bed time (11.08)


Anonymous said...

Glad you went!!!!!
Glad you stayed sane!!!!
Boxing Day comes as a relief to many of us - tho' thankfully most of us are not performing at a Boxing Day breakfast - aaaaaagh.

stephen clark said...

Boxing Day breakfast was great. I feel a bit tired now (p.m.) but par for the course