Saturday, 13 December 2008

The exact science of blogging

I am sorry that my blogging has been erratic of late (will try to do better). It takes some effort to be witty, intelligent and original every day. I have noticed that many once prolific bloggers fall by the way.
This is particularly likely to happen when a major or minor crisis happens and you just find that the ten minutes you could once use efficiently no longer exists. So I apologise. Some will know that there has indeed been a major/minor crisis which has involved the change of who lives with whom in our family. This has been relatively peaceable, though not without its moments.
It seems to be settling down, and so there is some hope that my life will regain some daily routine.

My pre-New Year resolution
  • I will try and do better with blogging. Please hold me to account!!


Anonymous said...

We will. I notice I have not Twittered so often of late, and that is limited to 140 characters!

A U Topsy said...

Is blogging an exact science?
It is commonly held that a daily bog is beneficial for the optimum performance of the alimentary canal and the reduction of exposure to unpleasant gripes.
Blogs, however, while they may make some contribution to reduction of cerebral desuetude; are hardly depositories of systematic and formulated knowledge. Too often they appear to be employed for the purpose of promulgation and execration of wanton notions primarily for the satisfaction of the blogger.
On the other hand, it is the wont of bloggers to blog; and blogs, like bogs, can reveal information useful in the study of the science of dietetics.

stephen clark said...

Dear AUT
I make no claim that they are other than my public declamations of my rather desultory life.
The reader of course does not have to read. Alack I think the writer often feels compelled to write.
As I read back through my now extensive history of journaling and latterly blogging I amazed at how much I have been able to debrief.
If some readers are bemused, so be it. If they are helped, then, good; if they are illuminated even better. But I blog for no one other than myself. Perhaps a little self-indulgent, or expressionistic. All the better I suspect for being so frank about it.

A U Topsy said...