Monday, 22 December 2008

More resolutions

Following on from the resolutions blog the other day. One of the ten or so positive resolutions was to to talk 'health' rather than 'sickness'.
I think this is quite a good insight. As a person whose job requires much inane conversation just to pass the time of day, I realised many years ago that when people ask you "How are you?"they don't really want you to tell them.
In fact the redoubtable A. Musgrave Horner, my one time lecturer in Speech and Drama, hated this and would say if asked this inane question "I am EXTRAOOOOOORDINARILY well!" In a voice that would boom three blocks. You tended to never ask him again!
However I did think that talking of health rather than sickness does not just refer to disease, it is an attitude about how life is going. So we can choose to play it up or play it down .
Treasurers (in parish, club or nation) often have to address the sickness in order to be honest. They also need to recognise it is not only about sickness, but about how health might be achieved. And, indeed, health probably cannot be achieved if only the sickness framework is addressed.
It is about perspecvtive, and should easily be recognised as a good talk health rather than sickness .

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