Thursday, 18 December 2008

New Learnings from Global Warming

The suggestion by Transport wise man Derek Scrafton that Adelaide commuters should pay a congestion task to enter the CBD is not without merit.(here) Though not surprisingly the general public repudiates this idea; as we largely do with any idea which will cause us to wait for anything, or which might cost us cash.
In past incarnations I had a little to do with him, and know that he is an unassuming erudite man; who does nto make such suggestions lightly. But he is also used to being misunderstood by the general public and by the political gameplaying of our lords and masters.
It is my personal hope that part of our learning from the present global crisis is that we will all moderate our use of the motor vehicle. There is a certain sense of self-interest in this, since we are all feeling the pressure in our hip-pocket. But each of us also knows that we can't just go on driving more and more cars with less and less petrol. Scrafton is just suggesting that by not pandering to our own selfishness, and looking to live more cooperatively (which is essentially what riding a bus or train is all about) we might actually begin to do things differently, and perhaps even correct our mistakes.
Having driven into the second most congested city in England last year.....but that's another story

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