Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Day of Optimism

Yes!! the alarm did go off at 2.44 to allow me to watch the inauguration. And it was, I thought, good, and worth doing. Though I feel a little tired now!!!
Mr and Mrs President already looked tired!!

Interesting to see amongst other things :
  • how religious it was...more religious in a way than an Anglican ceremony in Abbey or Cathedral..People of the Lord do justice and love mercy, and let all people who agree say Amen! and Let them say Amen!!
  • how regal it was...despite there being no royalty in the USA, the royal families were all there, and there is no doubt a fresh prince has arrived!
  • how informal it was...whilst also being formal...I am used to weddings being like this these days. People happily greeting each other, and the genuine spirit of goodwill
There is indeed a spirit of hope and optimism, so let's try and not be too cynical about it for today.
And let all people who agree.....say Amen

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