Saturday, 24 January 2009

momentous momentum

In a week which has seen all sorts of things happen it will be interesting to check back and see if it has all made much difference.
It has been for me a great mixture. From the grand scale of the beginning of of the presidency of Barck Obama, to dinner with friends last night...a sort of annual check up.
Which, in my scheme of things, is more important?
Yesterday,too, I took a funeral of the mother of a parishioner. A momentous and unexpected event for that family; from teary ten year old grandson to teary 40 something year old devastated daughter.
Heath Ledger was nominated for an academy award for a film I can't bear to see, on the first anniversary of his death by drug overdose (whether deliberate or accidental) which I blogged about this time last year (here)
I went to the doctor yesterday to get a couple opf routine referrals and came away anaemic and feeling that I had a hundred things wrong with me.
The Premier was in rapture on radio because Tour Down Under was being reported on the front page of the New York Times.
I noted at dinner last night that the much touted economic woes seemed to have been allowed to drift into the back of our minds. It was not that they have gone away it is that we are easily distracted, even desirous of being so.
It's a lot of stuff for one week.
And the tomatoes have just kept coming!

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