Saturday, 3 January 2009

A week of grace

It has been good this week to do a little catching up with people as well as just attend to things that need a bit of attention. To watch the tomatoes grow....Harvested the first couple two days ago...and am awaiting the torrent that will arrive with the burst of hot weather that we are about to have.
So, some highlights of the week have been
  • the mildest of weather
  • oysters and other sea food
  • visit and lunch with friends form Tasmania
  • the fact that one's sister now seems a bit clearer about what has been making her feel unwell
  • a lovely New Years' Eve in which I talked too much, and it didn't seem to matter
  • a longish phone call from M in which we both just agreed that the best way for the modern priest is to try and be faithful to our vocation and not pretend we are managers (of decline or anything else)
  • wines, red and white
  • a night at Port Elliott and a bit of reading
on the whole a great deal of grace....but I must needs go and do the Christmas letter which is now an Epiphany letter...or it will really be too late.


Anonymous said...

Praise God for the decline to which you allude. By God's grace there will soon be someone in your parish who actually preaches the gospel.

stephen clark said...

Sorry you don't feel I preach the gospel!
Fortunately I have to do what I believe God is calling me to do not what you (anonymously) assert.
I think, indeed, to make such comments anonymously is the ultimate cowardice.,,,but whoever you are I am not surprised by that!