Saturday, 17 January 2009

Will try to do better!

Dear Readers
I have determined to do better with blogging. I think it is the onslaught of competing social networks ----there is only so much time--- remember when all you had to do was check your email


Anonymous said...

Its great that you have so many social networks that are competing!!! Better than staying home blogging. [Tho' we'd miss it if you didn't]

Can't guess the theme I tht it might be 'Its not easy being green' [thinking of our summer] but after a few more pics knew it wasn't. Maybe its All things bright and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

stephen clark said...

It's cabbage!!

Anonymous said...

The Pineapple stayed there for so long, that in end I went for days, without even checking to see if you were backing tapping away!