Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I wrote this poem for S's birthday

A daughter is a cherished thing
at once young
then shy and
sometimes sad.
One sings
one shouts
one laughs.
All cry.
And then they sing again.
A daughter is a cherished thing.

A boyfriend is a risky thing.
But a good risk
to take.
He could teach the cherished one
to be a risk taker
he is
invited in
to jokes and tears
and other things
where father cannot go.
Yet this risky man
is God’s gift to my daughter
that both may blossom,
and, so, I yield but
he is, nevertheless,
a risky thing.

A daughter is a risky thing.
She will touch the heart
you have so carefully hardened
and make it burn
with pride
with joy
with song!
If ever singing stopped
now that would be
a dangerous thing.
A daughter
(and I am blessed with three)
is worth the risk
is the risk
must take the risk
and love

and be loved.
A daughter is, indeed, a risky thing

February 10, 2009


cath hall said...

this is a very beautiful poem from a father to daughter; all three of your daughters are truly blessed

stephen clark said...

it's very heartfelt
and if I am remembered as a person who wrote poems for his daughters then I would like that!!