Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The dog house

Rightly or wrongly we acquired a new dog at the weekend. After our beloved Tilly died in the winter last year it has taken me a long time to think I could enter into relationship with another dog, though we talked about it for some time.
Our new dog Alto is a beagle puppy; so, highly intelligent and crazy. Not necessarily a good combination! I am surprised how anxious I have been that he is OK through the night (Yes a he...so he could have been mor aotly called Counter Tenor ...but this doesn't really trip off the tongue, so we decided that he is a male alto instead!)

Fun days ahead. watch this space for The Adventures of Alto


Christine Beal said...

Hi Stephen
Great name for your pup, although your new novel "The Adventures of Alto" sounds like "The Story of Me". I agree, Counter Tenor is just too hard to call in for dinner. So are Counter Tenors.

stephen clark said...

Proving to be a great dog. I suppose you know this "Lament of the Alto"

Anonymous said...

Alto looks terrific.
I hope you have the fences in good nick. Beagles are known escapologists!

http://www.livingjungle.com.au said...

Dog is always cute when they were small.