Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The milk of human kindness

I went to see Milk last night, it is an interesting film about homosexual political activist Harvey Milk. The local politics of it is mildly interesting; the world change that it reflects is much more significant. In fact, although it is talking about events in the 70s, it is difficult to imagine not only the deep prejudice but also the irrational fears of the so recent past.
However what really struck me, lest we think this a peripheral issue; Milk says at one stage something like:
I have had 4 relationships in my life and in three of those my partner took their own life. This is not a struggle about acceptance; this is a life and death issue.

By the end of the movie a fourth partner has committed suicide.
It is a point worth noting. This is not just a minor issue. Living with lack of acceptance, prejudice and open disdain is something that no human being should have to tolerate.

PS Sean Penn is excellent, and acts and looks disturbingly like Milk


Marauder said...

Three of them tried to kill themselves; they weren't successful. One of them did kill himself a few years after Harvey's death.

stephen clark said...

I think the point is still the same don't you, whether or not they actually succeeded.