Thursday, 19 March 2009

Striking the balance

While by and large I am happy that the Senate is acting as a House of Review because no one party has an absolute majority, I can't help but feel that Senator Fielding of Family First has made a serious error of judgment with regard to the alcopops tax. 
(see one story here about the liquor industry allegedly not wanting tax already taken back!!! 
I'll believe that when I see it).
The issue about "alcopops" is not just and/or only about how alcohol products might be taxed, but also about whether we are the sort of society that wants to make the 'acquired taste' more readily and easily 'acquired' by those who presently have no stomach for it and who by and large are young, immature and at risk.

This is just bizarre. Why would you actually want to encourage those who don't like the taste of alcohol (basically because their palates are too immature) to start drinking by making it available in disguise.

Fielding is right on one level to say that the issue is bigger than alcopops but not taking this small step will not actually address that larger issue.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. It would a have been a small step in the right direction to address the problem of our alcohol culture.
And for Senator Fielding to think that the Gvernment coudl suddenly decide and promise to remove the connection between alcohol and sport, ( which would be a good thing probably) on the spot without consultation is ludicrous.