Monday, 25 May 2009

The Millennial Blog

I have not been teasing you dear readers. There is a certain sense of irony in that since I realised I was about to write my 1000th blog , I have not so much suffered from blogstipation as busy-ness and fluey-ness, with an intervening Synod, Quiz Night; up and coming Parish Council, Confirmation (I can hear you all saying "poor you!"-take those tongues out of your cheeks-)
So here it is.
The ever steadfast Thom Merton provided me with an insight this morning which is worth reflecting on (All the more amazing because he was writing three decades before anyone knew what a blog was):
There are not a few who are beginning to feel the futility of adding more words to the constant flood of language that pours meaninglessly over everybody, everywhere, from morning to night. For language to have meaning there must be intervals of silence somewhere, to divide word from word and utterance from utterance. He who retires into silence does not necessarily hate language. Perhaps it is love and respect for language which imposes silence upon him.
Merton was of course writing about things deeper and profounder than I usually manage to pontificate about.

Thanks to all who read. Here's to the next 1000!!


Anonymous said...

Well done good and faithful blogger.
There is something to to be sadi for Twitter which resticts you to 140 characters!
See Zits. Sunday Mail 2th May.

Anonymous said...

That last sentence cries out for a REAL toast. When's the party?