Saturday, 2 May 2009

A serious misgauging

Bikies, often calling themselves 'bikers', have seriously misgauged their level of community support. Their show of strength descending on the city of Adelaide yesterday was exactly what they shouldn't have done.(here)
The trouble with pathetic social liberals like myself is that while I am disposed to say that we should not pass draconian laws which limit peoples' freedoms of association, we are also scaredy cats and we don't much like being being intimidated by very big beardede men in leatrher jackets, prone to beating up (a popular perception with much evidence to support it). Shows of force do not appeal to us.
It is rather like sending 200 brown shirts goose-stepping through the mall and saying that we should endorse Nazism.
While people like me are most likely inclined to say that a proper process through the courts in which laws are challenged properly is something I would support, (I mean hasn't anyone spotted that totalitarianism begins by preventing freedom of association...McCarthyism, anti-Communist laws for example, ...Australia steadfastly refused to ban a legitimate Communist party) at the moment I just think :Good on Media Mike for standing up to bullies.

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