Monday, 22 June 2009

The debacle of scalping

Once again this week we will be diverted by our Federal Parliament (on both sides) trying to get another scalp. This time the Federal Treasurer and/or the PM (good luck with that) is in the sights of the Opposition, and the PM (in a quiet measured way) gave notice that two can play at that game (quite good background here...poor old Mr Grech)
My question is not about the substance of this, 
[though I do find myself wondering  why it is so strange that politicians should be being criticised for being available to people who are worried about their businesses collapsing]
but in reality is this what we pay our politicians to do. This is, of course, posturing for the cameras. I am not suggesting that "misleading the Parliament" is not serious, and if Treasurer Swan has done so then he should probably go. Though I have noted before that the previous government seemed to have long ago stopped requiring Ministers to fall on their sword. 
Hardly surprising from a government led by a man whose misplaced hubris prevented him from apologising for almost anything...certainly for the grossest abuses to the weakest in our society.
But I ask this  posturing.... on either side what we pay our politicians to be and do?
I think not!

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