Sunday, 2 August 2009

Death by essay

One can only imagine that Malcolm Turnbull has a death wish. After pouring scorn at Rudd for being out of touch by writing an essay on economics he responds how? writing an essay!!!!
Who does he think the electorate is?
He needs to be assured that most of us struggle to read two turgid paragraphs, let alone a diatribe in response. (Mr Rudd could well take note too!)
As far as I can tell...and I used my rapid reading skills to read the idiocy this afternoon...Turnbull's essay is nothing of the sort!
It is a political diatribe which begins by regurgitating the nonsensical garbage that is transparently political rather than analytical...
He begins his essay with the catchcry of the last few months
"So far, all the Prime Minister has built is a mountain of debt.

We are heading for $315 billion of total debt, the largest increase by far in borrowings by any government in peacetime.

This debt represents about $13,000 for every Australian man, woman and child, and never has so much public debt been accumulated with so little to show for it.

There has been $23bn in cash handouts; borrowed, then given away"

All I can say is blah blah blah!!
His essay is an exercise in name calling and suggestion hinting...labelling Rudd as "the philosopher king" and as delivering a "sermon" he is using the language of slur rather than that of analysis.
If, Mr T, you are going to use the language of slur then let us not pretend this serious essay .
In reality it is an exercise in desperation.,
The only saving grace for the flailing leader of the Opposition is that the average voter is not going to read this any way.

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