Tuesday, 25 August 2009

On death and dying...on sin and sinning

One of the things I have been doing is tidying up an educational program we are preparing to help people new to Christianity understand soime of the basic ideas. Today I discussed one of the sessions with one of our parish groups the session about Jesus.

Part of the focus of that session is about what it means to say Jesus has died for our sin. It was (as is the nature of such discussions) 'robust'and at times 'deep'. We touched a few raw nerves. And I think there were more than a few insights. So that is good.

The conversation wandered a bit and some of my observations are:

  • Most of us can't countenance the fact that we can resist sin!

  • We condemn sin in other people

  • More than a few of us have been touched by suicide

  • We play games and avoid confronting ourselves

  • Most of us have either totally excused ourselves because of Calvary, or failed to think that it even applies to me

So, on the whole, I think the study is pitched at a good level.

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