Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Elementary History of Detention

Most of us who have read a smattering of Dickens, or done a little history of the 19th century and before will no doubt have wondered about the curious practice of making those who are jailed pay for their imprisonment!
Yes this was indeed the practice. It is of course a practice which victimises the poorest of the poor.
And it seems bizarre!
Bizarrer still when you realise that until today those in the detention centres of Australia have been required to reimburse the government. Even more bizarre when we appreciate that many 'ordinary' citizens seem to think that the practice of making refugees pay for the privilege of being in Baxter, or Villawood, and latterly Nauru (now closed) and Christmas Island; has been on our statute books.
Praise God that today the Senate has voted to remove it. (here)
I take my hat off to Senator Troeth, who voted against the majority of her (Liberal) party to do the right thing

PS In a small footnoote: Senator Fielding, wanting a bet both ways says these laws went too far but voted for them any way...and then wonders why people think he is......

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