Thursday, 17 September 2009

Parents....amongst other things

Had our parents been alive, today would have been their wedding anniversary...and they would have been married for 62 (? or so) years.
At my mother's funeral I reflected, as you do, on the harshness of a person's life who was born in 1920, whose father had died tragically, who had one abusive marriage and then who had finally found my father and they had lived it were, happily ever after ...unfortunately Dad died when he was only 60. My theme was (at the funeral) that she had had a hell of a life. But in her marriage and her family, even after having a stroke, she found great enjoyment and fulfillment... she would indeed have said that she had had a "heaven of a life". Never easy, but I think they both did what they could.
It's an important reminder that heaven and hell may be on opposite sides of the same coin

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