Monday, 19 October 2009

These are a few of the most tedious things

In my semi-obsessive way I have a sort of weekly routine. I try to fit in bits of talk-radio into my daily tasks. Judging by conversations I have with people many others do the same, because they hear the things that I do.
But some of it is so irritating.
Like,I tire of hearing the Federal Opposition Manager of Business, Chris Pyne on Mondays saying things like...of I am a Federal Member I can't possibly comment on State politics.... Seems to me he is happy to promote things he agrees with but then when he is obviously in disagreement (as he was today with the Regional Royalties issue...saying it would be foolish for a Labor government despite the local Libs promoting it as a vote buyer ooops winner) When challenged about this inconsistency he trots out his mantra....I can't possibly comment on State politics.
And then of course there is the Honourable Alexander...his Monday ADVERTISER column (here) is developing an air of predictability...along the lines of how provocative can I be...last week it was Obama should give back the Nobel prize.
Today it is: how awful that Australian soldiers should die in the theatres of war to which his government was only too pleased to send them. He admits in the course of his article that many will disagree. I think he is correct. Particularly objectionable is the simplistic critique that perhaps some of the young Afghanis should stay in Afghanistan and fight the Taliban instead of fleeing.
This may be populist, but it is hardly credible analysis. But it will get him attention I suppose.
Equally tedious is the PM's seeming retreat to the Howardist position on refugees...I make no apologies for being firm. Today's cartoon in the same paper has him driving the Refugee yacht with a secret super-keel and the observation...when they will admit that this was really invented by Howard!

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