Friday, 9 October 2009

They just don't get it.

I am one (apparently of the few) who thought that the attempt to resurrect "Hey Hey It's Saturday" was a big mistake. It just seemed to me as I looked at it that it was like going back a decade (or more).
I was not surprised in the five minutes I watched of it to see the now-infamous Jackson Jibe.
Half a dozen white guys all 'blacked up' like minstrels taking off the Jackson famil. It reminded us that what might be Ok for six medical students to do in 1989 was not Ok in 2009.
Although the machine has been at odds to malign H. Connick Jr (for having blacked up, too, a decade ago) the reality is that we have (PTL) moved on. Connick has moved on. The world has moved on.
This is what is wrong with trying to resurrect HHYIS...we have all moved on!

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