Thursday, 19 November 2009

Amazing Grace

The most terrifying thing about this picture of my friend Alison Gent is that it could be a picture of her daughter L. We should not be surprised about heretofore unrecognised physical family likenesses, they become evident at funerals (Alison's was on Tuesday)
Alison was a very extraordinary and eccentric person, tenacious to the end and ever one for a good argument. In the eulogy, son Chris attesting to this truth told the story about how days before she died the children were huddled away from her bed having one of those sorts of discussions you have when your mother is dying and she raised herself up and said "I don't know what it is you are discussing, but I'm opposed!"
Throughout her funeral I could envisage her joy at being welcomed into the heavenly kingdom and given her crown. Meeting again her & my friend Spencer Dunkerley, who enjoyed sparring with each other and each other's company. He would welcome her too.

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