Saturday, 28 November 2009

Who is in charge?

The curious suggestion that one of the young princes William and/or Harry could be a candidate to be the next Governor-General prompted me to write to the local Paper
The answer to the question posed yesterday in The Advertiser: "Could one of these blokes be our next head of state?" is twofold.
First, no matter who is the Governor General our Head of State is actually these 'blokes' grandmother, the G-G is merely her viceroy.
Second, the first question I would be asking of someone who aspired to the viceregal position is: "Are you an Australian citizen?"
Clearly neither of these 'blokes' is!

The suggestion has received little interest, so it would seem. But the more I have thought about it the more I have wondered who had such an idea. And will we ever get over our British cultural dependency, or even worse the latent belief that some how 'aristocracy' confers an inherent ability to rule.

Were the GGs job to actually go up for application, surely two rich kids in their twenties would not be seriously considered for such a significant position. Unmarried playboys with very limited life experience...what are we on about.

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