Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Back to the future

It is clear, then, what Abbot's policy is as he appoints Bronwyn Bishop, Ruddock and Andrews to his front bench.
While there is no doubt that this group of 'tried' politicians have had measured success in a reactionary sort of way in the past; it is difficult to see that they will not alienate the very sections of the electorate that the Opposition need to attract back.
No wonder Turnbull will break with their reactionary sort of stuff. [I am trying not to invoke Godwin's law (here) and it is difficult.] One wonders if there will be a party split. I imagine Malcolm is unlikely to be bothered with such political nitpicking, but I guess we shall see.
Personally I think that Ruddock is one of the most divisive ministers we have had, how ever well (or not) he may have dealt with issues of immigration, he presents as a hard, callous and unbending individual. Bronwyn is almost a caricature, and Kevin Andrews recent participation in the leadership shenanigans leaves all sorts of questions unanswered.
Maybe he never thought he would be a potential leader and was just precipitating a crisis but even the bookies didn't give him any chance of being elected the other day. I was also bemused by one very senior journalist's radio comments about his putting himself forward, the disdain was palpable.
I personally don't think they have done themselves any favours.
The electorate will easily perceive that this is a "tried" team...but I wonder if they will also think that it is 'true'

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