Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Beat your children well!

The Advertiser has an article about kid-smacking today (here). These recurring articles are a bit tedious.
As compelling as it might be that smacking children does not do any harm; this article even suggests that smacked kids somehow perform better. This begs all sorts of questions. By whose standards. Ahhh, those of the people who beat their children!
There are important questions to ask like, is it appropriate to beat minors when it is not appropriate to beat adults.
My flawed performance as a human being and as a parent demonstrates quite clearly to me that when I feel tempted to smack a child it is not because I am trying to advance their performance in later life. But rather that I am fed up with their behaviour now!
As an adult, and as a civilised human being I make a choice that it is inappropriate to use corporal force simply because I am not coping. I have not always succeeded in doing this well!

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