Friday, 8 January 2010


As I sit and reflect early in the day, probably because I sit at the window that looks out on to a Parade, I see lots of cyclists. On quiet days like Sunday it is quite eerie because there are often no cars, and then suddenly the morning silence is broken by a strange cacophony. It is ten or so cyclists conversing with each other (shouting I should say) as they travel along.
It doesn't matter when there are no cars on the road, and indeed is only possible when the noise level is relatively low. But there are times when you see them do stupid things like this morning (a Friday not a Sunday) when I was out watering the garden. Mr Cyclist was riding along (quite fast) and talking on his mobile phone. Not hands-free mind you! But holding the phone in one hand and steering the bike with the other.
Surely this should be forbidden. [Though the need that so many of us have to fill every potential quiet moment with a phone conversation (now that we can) is just bizarre]
I try to look out for cyclists, having once come off a bike myself and nearly been run down. The extreme photo below reminds us of the worst possible scenario if a car connects with a bike.
There is always an increase of the lycra-clad in these weeks of the Tour Down Under. Let's just try and be careful folks.

The alternative is really horrendous stuff

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