Thursday, 21 January 2010


Went to pick up S today...and they said "Your grandfather's here!"


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh.
In my opinions that's DRASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time for an action plan -right now! [but you're already wearing red socks - what more can you do????? Oh dear - definitely time for brainstorming!??!?]

stephen clark said...

I suppose I could go to Thailand and pretend I am 18 again

Anonymous said...

I hope you are staying in the huts right on the beach front so that you can really get in touch with that inner cool dude [young inner cool dude] and bring him out to play. This grandfather status [of a 16yo] is not one you want. Its bad enough to feel like one you do want people to think you are one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!