Friday, 15 January 2010

hot & cross

The next sign that the world derives so much of its celebration from the faith and yet hasn't got a clue about it has appeared in the shops. Hot Cross Buns.
Mind you Easter eggs have been there for two weeks.
Having just got over Christmas, Lent has not even begun and already we are being offered hot-cross buns, a food proper to Holy Week. (around the end of March). The spices symbolise the preparation of the body of the dead Jesus.
You can of course buy modern HC buns without any spice, specially for the bland. What's the point? They should be called what they are. Rolls!
You can even buy chocolate HCB. This seems to me almost profane.
Woolies have for many years called them Red Cross buns, at least the ones I saw this afternoon were called Hot Cross Buns.
No tides will be turned back now. What a world we live in!

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