Saturday, 9 January 2010

Looked at from different angles

My one fear when I went to see (and enjoyed seeing) Avatar the other day was that it had been so successful as an exercise in 3D, that now everything would become 3-D.
I think that the 3-D effects are amazing, (at one stage I ducked because something was being thrown at me!) but it could become tedious if now everything was presented in that format. Or that we begin to see classics remastered in 3D.
I suspect that 3D is not quite the same quantum leap that Technicolor (the two seem to have corporate similarities, may even be linked [here]) was, and need not have the same demand that everything now be in 3D...or that everything that was be remastered...perish the thought. Gone with the in 3D.
Interestingly today's paper nudges at the issue of whether TV will become 3D now that it is becoming so movi-populist (here)
Perish the thought of what " in 3D" might even mean!!!

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