Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Coming to an end

We have had quite an extraordinary time, as we come to the end of our time in Thailand. Only one day to go!.
There is a quietness about it, even here in Patong (Phuket busy, busy) which is surprising. And even when you get too tired of the constant harangue of the street vendors wanting to sell you watches, bags, shirts, and sarongs...you can retreat to the quiet of the hotel and not know you were somewhere in Asia.
Weather has been delightful. Breezy in the morning and the early evening. Last night as we walked along the beach we watched the parasailing, and didn't have any money to try it ourselves, so tonight we will go back and Kate at least will go up. Taking pictures from above while we marvel below.
Tomorrow will be early start (6 a.m.) and late finish. Back to Singapore and then a night flight to Adelaide. It will, as always, be good to be home. But sad to finish what has otherwise been a great holiday time.

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