Thursday, 4 February 2010

Off and running

.... Adelaide Airport All those who complain habitually that Adelaide is a backwater will be interested to note that some aspects of our transport hub do indeed work.
Leaving on an International flight with no one free to take me to the airport I agonised about what to do.
It seemed easy, catch the train and tghen the airport bus. Despite three very kind offers of people who thought this was just too much like hard work that's what I did. Left home at 10.30, met a parishioner on the platform...she was bemused and said (tellingly) that's the sort of thing you expect people to do overseas. I nodded and said that's what inspired me. Why shouldn't we do it at home. Boarded the train and used my interpeak ticket. ($1.53/trip)
Met another friend on the train who used to live in Singapore, and we had a nice chat. I chugged up to Currie Street, bumped into B...I mean some days I catch the train and see no one. Hurtling down Currie I heard "Stephen, Stephen!". Twas my wife. "Can't stop! can't stop" and waved.
Waited 10 minutes to catch the J2 which takes you right to the Upper Concourse. (used the same ticket)
Have checked in. And am here filling in the time...not resisting the temptation to blog. 12.07 p.m. all for a cost of $1.53
k is already on her way ringing at 7 a.m. (our time) as she chugged through Heathrow (never again will I fly out of Heathrow!!!! And why should you?)


Anonymous said...

Bon voyage and keep writing

stephen clark said...

Thank you
will do