Sunday, 7 February 2010

Phase one ended

We met up easily in Singapore both very tired. K particularly because of a long trip from London, me ...well because I am old.

We were harangued by an, albeit nice, taxi driver who assured us that Singapore had gone to the was boring and too expensive. nothing to do. Rather strange promotion from one whose livelihood might be improved by tourists.

Any way we spent Friday a.m. at The Singapore Botanic Garden. Quite spectacular, the Orchid Garden is amazing. We had an evening in Chinatown...which of course is gearing up for Chinese New Year. Food is good and modestly priced. Need more cheap water. (In the background I am hearing Jingle bells...which has obviously been rewritten into a Chinese New Year song!)

Saturday a.m. walked the quays, went to see the Merlion...always fun...and the Asian Civilisation Museum. Quiet spectacular building but the display could be better.

Walked to LittleIndia would not think it was the same city. Smells looks and feel different and so much gold!!! Nice meal at a street cafe.

Any way, now in the airport. Waiting to board the flight to Bangkok...which has been delayed. But all will be well

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