Monday, 22 February 2010

Scalping the scalpless!

After over a decade of Howard Government Minister refusing to resign over a variety of failures in their portfolios, there is certain sense of irony about they baying at the door Peter Garrett. He is of course a high-profile minister, probably the most instantly recognisable after the PM, and there would seem to be little doubt that things are not as they should be with regard to the supervision of the home-insulation fiasco.
Under my old rules, (the buck stops here), he should probably go. In the light of the experience of the last decade, no one takes ultimate responsibility for anything and ministers don't resign.
As I have observed before about garrett (and indeed about Turnbull...) as one who is not a 'dyed in the wool' politician. I suspect he will tire of the political game playing, and get out. To much time trying to get the upper hand instead of addressing the issues.
Turnbull and Garrett wanted to change things, not ultimately to see one party victorious over another at any cost. In the end will they both have to realise that Parliament is not the place for idealism? I suspect so!

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