Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sorry, I didn't quite hear you!

All of us us have experience of the mondegreen or the misheard lyric. [I sang for much of my childhood It's Mobil Castor Oil... heaven knows why anyone would think such a song line would exist...have you guessed it yet?]
I have listened to my daughters mis-singing the Abba song Lay all your love on me!

Blithely they sing the mondegreen. Don't go wasting your devotion! Now forgive me but don't the lyrics say...Don't go wasting your emotion, Lay all your love on me...then you are allowed to sing ...Don't go sharing your devotion

Both sentiments are challenging!

But it does strike me as interesting that my children think that the correct attitude of others towards them should not only be that of wasted emotion but rather of total "devotion". Good luck to them

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