Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Compulsory viewing

Took advantage of half-price day and the Oscar victory to go and see "The Hurt Locker". I had suspected this was an important film and it is.
In my opinion compulsory viewing for anyone who thinks they need to join the armed forces, or when we are thinking about invading another country.

My mind went back to the seminal film Full Metal Jacket, but I thought this was much more important than that. Or maybe our world has degenerated between Vietnam and Iraq. Interesting too that Vietnam films were made 20 yeard after that war ended, while Iraq fils are made while war is going on.
Its premise is that war/violence is a drug. And it makes a good case. Its addictive and mind-altering nature is quite alarming, but believable. Too-believable at times.
And amidst all that there is the awful sense of the incredible waste.

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